rags or paper towel s. This will not only clean

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Lishui intelligent light-controlled discoloration thermal insulation glass production, the maintenance of the car front windshield is actually the maintenance of the rain cover, the maintenance of the rain cover and the windshield have advantages, extend the life span of the rain shield. My experience is to wash the glass frequently. Every time I go out or take a long walk, the key assessment is whether I will encounter a rainy climate and wash the glass with water, so as to maintain the rain cover. Lishui intelligent light-controlled discoloration thermal insulation glass my rain cover is still the original, has been used for more than seven years, and can still be used continuously. To keep a car, you have to think about saving some money. If you want to save some money, you should maintain the car diligently. If you are good to the car, the car will also save you money. 1. Use special or appropriate wiper blades and replace them immediately (usually once a year) to avoid scratching the front file glass. 2. Always adhere to front-end hygiene. If you stick to sundries and try not to use wipers to treat them, you should try your best to remove them with towels or other things.

rags or paper towel s. This will not only clean

After understanding the principle, Wen went to the street and actively looked for a solution. After testing, it is found that using foam boxes, warm water bags and towels to build a suitable thermal insulation environment for the forehead temperature gun, together with the soil method of measuring neck, wrist and other parts, can ensure the accuracy of body temperature measurement to the greatest extent. “put a warm water bag at the bottom of the foam box, put three layers of towels in the middle, and put the forehead temperature gun on the top for more than 15 minutes, so that the temperature of the forehead temperature gun will not be too high or too low within three hours, coupled with the way to measure the root of the neck. the final result is similar to the actual body temperature.” After a period of practical application, the street staff have gained a lot of valuable experience. Up to now, the earth method of “incubator + neck testing” has been popularized and applied in Wushang street, and good measurement results have been obtained.

For the surface, you can gently wipe off the dirt and dust with a clean and soft cloth, and those tiny gaps can be cleaned with toothpicks and cotton swabs in rags or paper towels. This will not only clean up, but also avoid scratching the dashboard. Soak the soft rag in clean tap water and then wipe the dashboard of the car to remove all kinds of stains except stubborn stains. This technology is also applicable to all kinds of dashboards. Wipe from one end of the dashboard to the other to avoid missing anything. Once the remaining dashboard area is cleaned, the missing dust and dirt will become extremely obvious. For more thorough treatment, clean dry rags can be used to deal with dusty dashboards. However, in order to achieve the best results, it is recommended to use ultra-fine fiber cloth.

rags or paper towel s. This will not only clean

In this case, most people may choose to use wipers, towels or cold air to remove the fog, but it often takes a long time to improve the embarrassment of repeated fog in the glass. Moreover, ignoring the foggy windshield and driving a car with blurred vision is a very dangerous behavior. An accident will occur if you are not careful.

I basically take this one for short trips, pressed powder air cushion, portable battery, headphones, paper towels, books and documents, umbrellas. It can hold everything, and the clothes can be plugged, which is much more practical than other bags! Double shoulder / large single shoulder / medium single shoulder / small single shoulder can be used by pregnant mothers or student office workers!

rags or paper towel s. This will not only clean

Safety is a prerequisite for the beginning of the school year. Students are required to wear masks to and from school every day after the start of the school year. Except for PE classes that do not need to wear masks within a safe distance, they are still required to wear masks during the rest of class. Therefore, parents should bring their children several masks that meet the standard of disposable medical masks or equivalent protection levels for students to replace. In addition, free hand sanitizer, clean wipes, paper towels, warm rice buckets, drinking water and so on are also items to be prepared before the start of school. Because of the special period, the school carries on the completely closed management, the students can not leave the school at noon, all the teachers and students of the school bring their own lunch. Therefore, parents need to prepare warm buckets for their children and bring their own lunch and a certain amount of drinking water every day.

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