Swimsuit, hat, antibacterial towel. Slippers , bath suit. Jian.

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6. In terms of cleaning, towels, slippers and bedding strictly implement the one-for-one disinfection system. Keep the linen room clean and tidy, and the cleaning and disinfection of linen, tableware, cups and cleaning tools shall be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant hygiene regulations. As far as possible in the room equipped with germicidal hand sanitizer, toilet paper. Be more patient and careful, and be mentally prepared when you are allowed to open a business, the civilian host must pay attention to adjust his mental state when he starts his business. Affected by the epidemic, every lodger has suffered large or small losses. At this time, the majority of residential landlords should cheer up and do a good job in details, first adapt to the model of piecemeal booking, in order to meet the order outbreak after the epidemic.

With a pair of square heel slippers with white tone, it makes the whole set more casual and comfortable, and does not emphasize the figure too much, but pulls the gentle temperament to the highest, with the chain bag of the same brand, the color saturation of the bag is also low, and the gray tone of the clothes complement each other.

Swimsuit, hat, antibacterial towel. Slippers , bath suit. Jian.

In addition, the health regulatory department also reminded that the management of swimming pools needs to be continuously strengthened, but the quality of swimmers should be improved. When swimming, citizens should choose swimming venues with good qualifications and sanitary conditions, pay attention to whether hygiene permits are hung in conspicuous places, whether the test results are publicized, and avoid swimming peak hours or swimming pools with relatively few people as far as possible. You should bring your own slippers, towels and other items to reduce exposure to public goods. Rinse the body before entering the pool and disinfect it in the foot pool, wear a swimming cap when swimming, and then wash the whole body thoroughly with clean water after swimming, which can not only reduce the adverse irritation of chlorine-containing disinfectants in the pool water to hair and skin, but also wash off pathogenic microorganisms that may be contaminated on the skin; at the same time, patients with skin infection or acute infection are advised not to swim in public swimming pools.

Tinea pedis is contagious to a certain extent. If you come into contact with objects that have been used by patients with tinea pedis in daily life, such as using public slippers in the bathroom, or towels used by patients with tinea pedis, and so on, you may be infected.

Swimsuit, hat, antibacterial towel. Slippers, bath suit. Jian. Mirrors, diving costumes. Swimming teaching equipment. Swimming and bathing, other related equipment and supplies, swimming pool (letter) construction materials and equipment. Non-slip floor, locker. Change stool and storage equipment, etc.

Swimming, life-saving related equipment, equipment, equipment and supplies: swimsuits, hats, antibacterial towels, slippers, bath sets, flippers, mirrors, diving equipment supplies, swimming teaching equipment, swimming bath related equipment and supplies, swimming pool (hall) construction materials and equipment, anti-skid floor, locker, change stool and storage equipment, etc.

Swimsuit, hat, antibacterial towel. Slippers , bath suit. Jian.

In addition to being an ideal travel companion, the versatility of these shoe bags extends beyond just carrying shoes. They can double as a storage solution for other items like socks, slippers, or small accessories, allowing for efficient use of space within your luggage. This versatility eliminates the need for additional packing cubes or miscellaneous pouches, contributing to a lighter and more streamlined travel experience.

Can swimming pools and public baths be opened in some low-risk areas? This afternoon, the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference to introduce the current situation of epidemic prevention and control in public places and other places. At the meeting, Zhang Liubo, a researcher at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that the public was still not advised to go to places such as swimming pools. If after the end of the epidemic, then, when the public swimming pool is open, the relevant disinfection and cleaning work should be done according to the routine. specifically, it is necessary to ensure that the environment is clean and disinfected at a regular time; central air conditioners should be cleaned and disinfected; common items in these places, such as towels and slippers, should also be cleaned and disinfected.

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