and floor mats are essential, garbage bags, towel s, toothbrushes and even

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Equipment is practical priority: first of all, there are a few things are necessary, tents, sleeping bags and floor mats are essential, garbage bags, towels, toothbrushes and even a compressed bucket are necessary. Since camping, you will need a picnic, gas tanks, stoves and simple aluminum pots, rice pots are also indispensable, of course, you also need to bring food. If outdoor fire is not allowed outdoors, you can also bring some cookies, bread and snacks and so on.

Methods of cleaning and sanitary disinfection 1. Mechanical disinfection: it is characterized by simple operation in kindergarten and must be used every day. It can clean and remove dust, eliminate or reduce pathogens, but can not kill pathogens. Such as brushing or using the mechanical action of water to clean and wipe, soap to wash hands and other methods. This method is simple and economical, and is suitable for collective organizations. 2. Physical disinfection: the use of air and sunlight, open windows to make air circulation, can reduce the spread of the respiratory tract. So that some toys, books, quilts, etc., which are not suitable for cleaning and disinfection, can be exposed in the sun, and the ultraviolet rays in the sun have a strong germicidal effect. Disinfection lamp disinfection: the common disinfection methods are ultraviolet lamp and ozone disinfection lamp. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the illumination surface to avoid dead angles, which is suitable for houses and object surfaces. Commonly used types of boiling disinfection applicable scope: suitable for tableware, towels, napkins, clothing, sheets and other moisture-resistant items. The water in the pot should submerge all the items. The clock starts when the water boils.

Picnics should be ceremonial. An Infiniti picnic basket with an insulation bag can pack cool to the destination. A picnic mat or picnic cloth with an aesthetic feeling is the best polisher for food. As for utensils, the wooden tray wood chopping board is a panacea, which is both good-looking and resistant to falling. Hand-made rough pottery plates and hand-painted porcelain plates are also happy to hold. Tea towels are made of flax, and the picnic atmosphere will be available immediately.

6. Tomato leaves: after taking a bath, patients with body odor add an appropriate amount of tomato juice to a basin of warm water, wet it with two clean towels and clip it in two armpits. Keep it for 15 minutes to eliminate body odor.

The development of humanized hotel furniture, first of all, there should be an evaluation index of human nature, but the index is often uncertain, because emotional, physical, psychological and many other factors are often comprehensive work. Hotel chains are equipped with furniture and functional types of furniture, such as fixed liquor cabinets and mini-bars, as well as towel racks and other powerful furniture of different sizes. Business hotel furniture products are mainly business functions, mostly in modern style, because it is mostly located in the city center, the room area is small, and the furniture is mainly simple and modern style.

Provide caring materials for sanitation workers, couriers, taxi drivers, as well as community service providers, volunteers and other grass-roots front-line workers. The warm package will be configured with different combinations of labor protection products according to different working environments and seasons. (for example, winter warm pack: thermal cup, thermal cap, gloves, scarf, knee pads, hand warmer, etc.; summer cool pack: towel, sunscreen hat, fan, cool oil, kettle, etc.)

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