the children each took wet towel s in their hands, covered their mouths and noses,

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At 10:00 on the 9th, the drill began and the alarm sounded. The teachers of each class counted the number of people and followed the evacuation route. Under the command of evacuation guides on each floor and the leadership of teachers and caregivers of each class, according to the designated evacuation route, the children each took wet towels in their hands, covered their mouths and noses, bent down, and leaned on the railings of the stairs without quarreling and making noise. one by one, they evacuated quickly. Finally, after 4 minutes, all the children were safely evacuated to the back playground.

If you are trapped and there is a lot of smoke around you, it is more frightening than fire. Because the smoke contains a large number of toxic and harmful gases, if unguarded, it will be fumigated by toxic and harmful smoke, which is often the cause of the highest death rate in fire accidents. If you must rush out of the smoke zone, you must cover your nose and mouth with wet towels and run out as close to the cat waist as possible, so as to reduce the intake of smoke so as not to fall down by poisoning.

Freshly washed hair is the most vulnerable to damage when it is wet, so be sure to blow-dry our hair in time. First of all, we should take a towel with good water absorption, slowly absorb the moisture from our hair, and never rub our hair, otherwise it will damage the scales and quality of our hair. Until most of the moisture in the hair is absorbed by the towel, then use a hair dryer to dry the hair.

As we all know, girls often spend more time on washing than men, putting aside makeup, just washing and wiping the face requires “meticulous craftsmanship”. But you know what? If you try to do a good job of cleaning, you are likely to be “wasted” by an action that you have to go through every day-wipe your face with a towel. Towels placed in the bathroom for a long time will breed bacteria and fungi because they are damp and cold. You know, the bacteria bred by towels are the number one enemy of skin problems. This may be the reason why many girls complain that it is difficult to save their bad skin with the most expensive cosmetics.

Miyang Yuezi Center has a special nursing room and bath for newborns, professional nurses bathe and touch the baby every day, high-end baby care products are used for bathing, and towels are also specially used. At the same time, the nurse will help the baby carry out visual, auditory, tactile and other sensory training every day, and carry out different early education training for different stages, so that the baby can grow up more healthily.

For mothers who give birth by caesarean section, in order to avoid infection of the wound, they are generally unable to take a shower about 10 days after delivery. Do not use cold water when taking a bath, do not touch water on the wound, take a bath within 10 minutes, choose to shower or wipe your body with a wet towel, do not take a bath, and pay attention to the number of times you wash your hair.

After each lactation, milking a little milk to smear the nipple, you can also smear it with lanolin cream. Before the next feeding, wipe the nipple clean with a warm towel and then breast-feed. Try to hold the nipple and most of the areola by the baby during lactation.

Hot compress is more suitable to be used before feeding the baby. Apply it with a warm towel to relax the breast and make it easier to secrete milk. However, the temperature of the hot compress should not be too high and the time should not be too long, otherwise it may aggravate the swelling and even cause low temperature scald.

Diarrhea in autumn is often characterized by low fever, when parents can use warm wet towels to physically cool their babies and drink plenty of lukewarm water.

As a boarding school, it provides a real home away from home for girls from all over the world. The dormitory area has comfortable dormitories and public lounges for relaxation, while experienced host parents and senior nurses take care of girls and can chat or ask for help when they have problems or are a little homesick. Dormitory for a single room to up to 7 people, generally older children will be arranged to live in a single room, the room is equipped with a safe, small personal belongings can be stored. The sheets and towels are changed once a week, and the school laundry service is open six days a week. The kitchen can meet some dietary requirements, including halal meat or vegetarian food.

There are mainly elegant and vulgar toothpaste, shampoo and shower gel in the West Lake, as well as bedding and towels, as well as essentials such as umbrella sewing boxes, plus combs, nail Clippers, and commonly used medicine. These are all very practical things that can greatly facilitate life.

the children each took wet towel s in their hands, covered their mouths and noses,

Ordinary users generally use leather cleaning care agent + leather care oil to maintain it, the method is to first wipe the cleaning gel on the bag, wipe the surface of the bag with a towel, clean the stains on the bag, and then apply leather maintenance oil, famaco care oil with soft cloth and then fully circle and spread evenly. Pedag nursing oil pedag

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