sexual contact, but also through hands, eyes, towel s, clothing, bath utensils,

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2. Pay attention to hygiene. Keep the external genitals clean and dry every day, wash and change underwear frequently, do not share towels, pots and other supplies with others, go to public bathrooms and swimming pools as little as possible, for the sake of their own health and for the health of others. Women caused by condyloma acuminatum actively do a good job in antivirus work.

(3) thermostat and thermostat: patients can add some ice cubes to the thermostat, wrap the refrigerated medicine in plastic bags and towels, put it in the thermos and take it home. The simple incubator can be composed of foam boxes and ice cubes of appropriate size. if you use a medical incubator, it is recommended to put an ice bag on both sides of the inner wall and the upper part of the bag, which can maintain 2-10 ℃ for 13 hours, it is best to avoid putting an ice bag in the lower part, otherwise the lower temperature may be lower than 2 ℃, which may affect the activity of drugs [2].

Example: a child with a comb in one hand and a towel in the other, we know that he feels soft and hard with his mouth, so when we do not tell the child these concepts in time, he can rely on his mouth to feel.

Make a strategy! You can do your own strategy, or you can pick up my ready-made accommodation, tickets / tickets in advance to avoid the absence of tickets during holidays and do a good nucleic acid test (non-local passengers need to do a 24-hour nucleic acid test after landing, otherwise it will become a yellow code.) pay attention to “Sichuan Tianfu Health pass” in advance, which is convenient to scan green code 5. Inform family and friends about the itinerary in advance to check the good weather (to avoid bad weather affecting the good mood) and prepare documents: ID card, student ID card, health code electrical appliances: mobile phones, chargers, headphones, portable battery, cameras and other household items: toiletries, sunscreen, moisturizing skin care products, towels and other drugs: gastrointestinal medicine (treatment of water and soil) carsickness medicine, mosquito spray a small amount of cash: especially change Sometimes cash is convenient for others: backpacks, water cups, etc. Prepare

At the same time, it does not lack the basic scientific interlayer and functional design of the Mammy bag, such as the side paper design, it is very convenient to take paper towels, and the side bags and insulation bags for milk bottles are simply designed in the main area.

For example, at the beginning of the school year, our school promised to give schoolbags, towels, brochures, VCD and photos to young children. Regardless of whether prices have increased or not, our school has always kept our promise, and parents are satisfied with the integrity of our school. In addition, our garden also pays attention to honesty education for young children in daily activities, educating children not to lie, not to brag, to do what they say, and so on, so that the class knows honesty, and the new fashion of honesty is gradually formed.

Carry on the thought and hygiene general knowledge to the young children at any time, give key guidance to individual children, have the good habit of washing hands carefully and sequentially, do not play with water when washing hands, can wipe soap, can wipe hands with their own towels; can use tableware correctly, have civilized eating behavior, chew slowly, not picky, concentrate on eating; keep the table, floor and clean, wipe mouth and rinse with water after meal Can enter the sleeping room quietly, put the clothes in the fixed place, go to bed quietly, sleep in the right position.

Vaginal mycoplasma and chlamydia infection can be directly transmitted by sexual transmission, mother-to-child vertical transmission, indirect contact: mycoplasma and chlamydia can be transmitted through sexual contact, but also through hands, eyes, towels, clothing, bath utensils, toilets and swimming pools.

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