me. After going home for lunch , I went to the school playground to play

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There was not much traffic along the highway, and everyone on board was wearing masks all the time, busy watching Wechat, sending blessings and paying attention to the epidemic situation. I took out my lunch bag (bread, milk, mineral water) from the frame, took some pictures and passed them on to my wife to pass on “the most special day, the most special warmth, the most special care”.

When it comes to mountaineering warm appliances, of course, can not miss the thermos! Basically, almost everyone who goes up the mountain will bring a thermos and use a thermos cup to ensure that they can have hot water to drink during the trip, or even directly use the hot water from the thermos cup for lunch. But do you think the heat preservation time is not long enough?

At lunchtime, the chef of the canteen sends the box lunch to the designated place of the gymnasium in an incubator, and each class sends someone to the designated place to pick up the meal and return to the classroom for dinner. After the meal, the class hygienist will put the lunch box into a special bag and send it to the designated location. The whole process of delivering and picking up meals is one-way closed-loop, and there is no contact between the master and the students.

me. After going home for lunch , I went to the school playground to play

This APP is mainly based on the payment function. If you want to ask someone you like, men must pay to check their contact information. Of course, there are also some trading women, there is no free lunch, this is the idle pursuit of excitement and freshness is the characteristics of young people. To put it bluntly, this software is made for about / P. Whether it is Momo, exploration, or Douban, Taobao, and so on, wherever someone appears on the Internet, it will be about the possibility of P happening; this can not depend on the social platform, this is human nature, perhaps systematic reading psychology books will be more effective and more objective.

The Joint Inspection team conducted an on-site inspection of four primary and secondary schools where lunches were distributed by four different food distribution enterprises in the area, and examined the vehicles for food distribution, incubators for food distribution, disposable plates, food quality, etc., inquired about the establishment and implementation of the food safety traceability system for school staff, and put forward opinions and suggestions on the control of food quality and the daily supervision of food distribution enterprises. At the same time, the Joint Inspection Unit conducted spot checks on the three schools that provided lunch in the canteen to check whether the dining environment, tableware cleaning and disinfection, and the storage of raw materials in the canteen were standardized and qualified, and to implement the main responsibility and strengthen internal management. requirements have been made to improve hygiene standards.

More than ten minutes later, Xiaoxia and a group of girls entered the classroom talking and laughing, but ignored me. After going home for lunch, I went to the school playground to play Paiyuanbao. I saw the senior boys who teased me and Xiaoxia, one of whom was holding a snake in his hand. The snake seemed to be dead, with two heads drooping. It should be the one I saw in the morning. The boy swung the snake in the air like a towel, which drew all the students around. The boy suddenly got rid of it, the snake flew into the air, and everyone looked up. The noon sun shines on the colorful body, it suddenly wriggles, flies in the air like a dragon in a cartoon, and finally falls into the weeds on the edge of the playground. The senior boys ran to the grass and caught it back, but the onlookers suddenly lost interest and went to play their own games. Only a few people and I watched from a distance and saw them find stones and beat the two-headed snake to pieces.

“I usually use an insulation bucket. There is only one microwave oven at work. At noon, I am afraid that everyone will line up to use it during the rush hour. Moreover, the microwave oven in public places cannot heat food with a strong flavor, which will affect others, so now I bring hot rice to work to eat.” Ms. Zhang said that she and her husband discussed the division of labor. “in the evening, I am responsible for tutoring the children and letting my husband go to bed early, but he is responsible for getting up early the next day to make lunch for me.”

At Shenzhen Primary School, the school also promotes lunch break as a course. Before lunch, “the farmers work hard to hoe and harvest at noon, and sweat drops into the soil under Wexia.” The children read this familiar ancient poem, and students also need to watch the video “Ten steps of Food and Education Culture” produced by the school. Hu Min, the head teacher of Class 3 (3), told the reporter that after the incubator was delivered to the door of the class, the school would arrange for the students on duty to distribute lunch boxes and fruits, and the students would line up in an orderly manner. During the lunch break, the teachers would be in the class all the time, reminding the students to cherish the food and form the good habit of “eating and sleeping without talking”. The progress of the students is very obvious.

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