panel, coat rack, door post, luggage compartment interior, storage box, spare tire cover, carpet

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Four years in a hurry, in exchange for not only growth, but also a lot of books and clothes. There are too many things to count, in the final analysis, it is because usually buy, pack up with three words to describe: busy, tired, dirty. Moving by myself, it is difficult to bear so much luggage, large and small. Fortunately, I found a lesbian to help me move, which can effectively solve the problem of moving. It can not only save moving time, but also spare some time for job interviews.

In the recycling market, only those bags with famous brands and classic styles are in circulation. In addition, the factors that affect the recovery price of luggage include the degree of wear and maintenance, attachment certificates and invoices, so generally speaking, not all luxury bags have high recycling prices and how much money can be recycled. It still depends on the actual situation. What platform to recycle luxury bags, a formal luxury goods platform is very important for bag recycling and purchase, then these luxury bag platforms are considered formal. We know that there are many companies that are recycling second-hand luxury goods. If you look carefully, they are still very common in the street.

In terms of appearance, Ruihu 5x superhero version uses family design language, the front face is equipped with large intake grille, with dot matrix chrome particle decoration, a stronger sense of visual impact. The side C column is decorated with chrome plated, with petal shaped wheels, the roof is equipped with adsorption roof luggage rack, and the rear is equipped with double spoiler, the overall shape is fashionable and dynamic. In terms of interior decoration, the new car is equipped with a new black and red color, with a more dynamic seat shape, auxiliary dashboard and door guard texture, full of sports atmosphere in the car.

panel, coat rack, door post, luggage compartment interior, storage box, spare tire cover, carpet

Considering the accommodation of the parents when the freshmen check in, the school specially prepared 1000 beds for the parents of the freshmen, each dormitory is air-conditioned, four beds are “on the bed and under the table”, and each bed is specially prepared with neat quilts and pillows. The bathroom in the dormitory is fully equipped with hot water 24 hours a day. Jiayu Teaching Reform Base also carefully prepares indoor slippers and towels, toothbrushes, soap and other toiletries handbags for freshman parents. The dormitory is equipped with an elevator to facilitate the parents of new students to carry their luggage up and down. Many heart-warming measures have won praise from the parents of new students!

Men who trick girls into sightseeing and give money to girls to help them with their luggage are either drug traffickers or masters of playing with women. It is no wonder that women who always think that there are free lunches, free dinners, free travel, and men who sleep all the way can travel around the world.

Changshu Automobile Accessories Co., Ltd. is committed to the R & D, production and sales of passenger car interior parts, including door guard, dashboard / sub dashboard, sunshade panel, coat rack, door post, luggage compartment interior, storage box, spare tire cover, carpet and sound insulation pad. After years of development, Changshu Auto Decoration has gradually become one of the main interior parts suppliers of automobile factories, and has formed a strong competitiveness in the middle and high-end product market, and established its own brand and industry status.

The interior of the car is quite beige at home. In addition to the basic equipment such as the steering wheel and dashboard, there are also seats with adjustable angles. But the coolest things should be extras, including a surfboard that can be put on the roof luggage rack and a mini freezer, which is the concept of the whole family going to the beach together.

Suitable for novice minibus camping experience, there must be an oversized luggage bag. Sacai double tableware picnic basket, which integrates fashion and function, is the first choice for girls to take pictures and accommodate good things for travel.

panel, coat rack, door post, luggage compartment interior, storage box, spare tire cover, carpet

The dashboard uses a large panel with a combination of full liquid crystal driver display and central display, which can display the information needed for driving on three screens, such as navigation and road conditions, while expressing advanced nature and providing a safe and comfortable driving environment. In addition, although the body size is compact, it pursues practicality, such as ensuring adequate luggage compartments.

To meet the daily storage needs of drivers, C-HR is equally ingenious in the design of storage space, with a tray with a USB port at the bottom of the dashboard for smartphones and other devices. There is plenty of storage space for a 9.5-inch golf bag in the luggage compartment floor side trim board with a lid. The trunk has a capacity of 316L, which is more than enough to meet daily needs. if the rear seat with folding function is put down, it can form a total super capacity of 1112 liters.

In order to facilitate the conference, Group, the initiative of the conference, invited senior experts from the menswear, luggage and footwear industry to fly from Beijing to Guangzhou. The aim is to bring the preferential policies of to open stores and the latest fashion product fashion trends to the vast number of clothing and footwear merchants in Xintang. At the meeting, Group Menswear Industry Senior expert Hou Guoxinxin lecturer brought a wonderful sharing.

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