and rear luminous LOGO, luggage rack atmosphere light,

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New chassis adjustment and stronger braking will bring passionate and dynamic driving fun. The design of the new car system has also been fully upgraded. With the exception of the luggage compartment cover, windshield and movable roof, all other parts have been thoroughly improved. In terms of interior decoration, the cab adopts a newly designed dashboard architecture. In addition, the car is also equipped with the latest generation of Porsche Communication Management system (PCM) with the most advanced touch screen. The navigation module is provided as an optional configuration.

With Dongguan as the core, the exhibition radiates textile shoe, luggage and bag industry clusters such as Guangzhou, Huizhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Zhongshan and Jiangmen. 400 production enterprises are specially invited to bring new products on display. At that time, local industrial clusters in Guangdong, big brands, large traders and clothing and shoe-making enterprises from the surrounding South and Central China will come to the scene to visit and purchase.

Not only that, the main and auxiliary driver side door panels and dashboards are covered with INS transparent panels, and the functional air outlets are integrated among them, coupled with rose gold decoration bars dotted with edges, the glowing colors shine through the starry shapes, highlighting the romantic and technological texture of the interior. It is worth mentioning that through the front face penetrating atmosphere light, wing light belt, front and rear luminous LOGO, luggage rack atmosphere light, door handle atmosphere light, floor light and penetrating taillight, the Tavendor has become the first vehicle model with full-body exterior atmosphere lights, which shows more technology driving demeanor.

[take the Audi A4L as an example, the dashboard is equipped with a central speaker and two alto speakers; each mirror triangle is equipped with two tweeter speakers; the front door is equipped with a subwoofer; the side interior panel is equipped with two tweeter speakers and two alto speakers; the rear luggage rack is equipped with two surround speakers and a subwoofer. The loudspeaker is powered by a 10-channel amplifier with a total power of 505 watts. Passengers can get an extraordinary sound experience in any position: due to the variable adjustment range of the sound system, passengers can adjust their own timbre. The background noise in the car can be adjusted with a microphone, and the audio output is continuously modified to match the background sound, bringing perfect music enjoyment. The Bang&Olufsen sound system is used in conjunction with radio concerts and symphony systems or navigation systems.]

and rear luminous LOGO, luggage rack atmosphere light,

Inside, the Air has an ultra-thin dashboard with no buttons and knobs; the center console seems to hang in a fixed position between its front seats; and the glass panoramic roof bends back from the top of the hood. Jenkins pointed out to me that the 280-liter space in the front, where the engine is usually placed (what they call a “frunk”), is the largest space an electric car has ever provided. The car has a total of 739 liters of luggage space, which also surpasses most traditional cars.

Ms. Liang invited he Tian home and introduced her to her family. Everyone looked at the luggage wrapped in a woven bag in her hand and the old clothes washed on her body. They all regarded her as an honest woman who came to work out of town, and they were all very satisfied.

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This cross-border e-commerce model further enriches the online and offline domestic and foreign trade all-channel integration service system being built by China-Hong Kong Leather City. The establishment of a multi-channel system and innovative transaction models will effectively help small and medium-sized merchants to accurately reach buyers and expand their business. In 2023, the cross-border e-commerce channel of Rio Tinto, the leather goods city of China and Hong Kong, will focus on giving full play to the leading role of the brand economy, increase industrial capacity, and build a cross-border e-commerce leather luggage industry chain base in China (Guangzhou).

and rear luminous LOGO, luggage rack atmosphere light,

However, due to a lot of luggage, coupled with two special thermal insulation baskets, the three people were exhausted on the road. So they went to the railway station staff for help.

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