thing as a free lunch . You can exchange

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The weather was super fine last Saturday. I excitedly went out to the park for a picnic with my little sister, saying that it was a picnic, but in fact, I was just laying out a picnic cloth on the grass for lunch. I wore a goose yellow dress and delicate makeup, and I planned to take advantage of the light to take a group of spring photos and post them on moments.

The Belarusian diet is much simpler than the Chinese diet. The Chinese students here basically cook by themselves, but they need to have a meal in the school canteen when the curriculum is tight. A simple lunch. Canteens do not have as many varieties as domestic university canteens, mainly salads, meat and bread and cereals. It tastes good and the price is reasonable. The market here can be said to have everything except that there are fewer varieties of green vegetables than in China. Generally speaking, the prices of green vegetables and meat are slightly higher than those in China, but the prices of potatoes, carrots, cabbages and spring onions are about the same as those in China, and sometimes even cheaper than in China. All the seasonings needed for Chinese food can be bought here, although the price is more expensive than in China, but it is acceptable (20 yuan per bottle of soy sauce. Lao Gan Ma 20 yuan per bottle, dry yellow sauce 8 yuan per bag).

Red bean is a good grain, which is very popular in daily life. It can be used to cook porridge or sugar water. Red bean tastes good and is a good food for women to replenish qi and blood. Red beans contain stone alkali acid substances, which can promote the peristalsis of the large intestine, increase the frequency of urination, have a good effect on the prevention and treatment of constipation, but also remove the fat of the lower body. Eat red bean porridge as dinner every day and stick to it for a period of time to lose weight. If you have a small appetite, you can also have red bean porridge for lunch.

thing as a free lunch . You can exchange

In July, a new cold and hot dual-use “headphone lunch box” was launched to save the lunch of office workers, which is different from most lunch boxes on the market and breaks through the restrictions of traditional lunch boxes. It has the effect of keeping cold and fresh in the refrigerator and heating in the microwave oven, which can not only heat up the meal automatically, but also cook automatically, and has a high appearance design.

In our daily life, the utilization rate of antibacterial stainless steel lunch boxes is very high. Many parents are used to making lunch in the morning and putting it in an insulated lunch box, so that students can eat healthy and delicious food at noon. What are the skills of choosing and buying antibacterial stainless steel thermal insulation lunch boxes.

The last point is that when you enter this circle, you will find that sometimes it is not an one-sided problem for men, and some female counterparts are quite relaxed. There is no moral or value judgment here, everything is a personal choice. Just a word of advice: before making any choice, think clearly about the cost behind it. There is really no such thing as a free lunch. You can exchange and cooperate with your professional skills, but others may affect the well-being of yourself and another family. After all, the circle of lawyers in the same city is too small, coupled with the mobility of law firms, it is not surprising that a little romance or immorality has just happened and has been spread all over the world. Hope that female trainee lawyers can protect themselves, and then love and improve themselves!

The happiest thing in winter is to eat hot food. This ASVEL three-layer thermal insulation bento box not only has the capacity of 700ml, but also can carry the rice soup in different areas, which makes the lunch match more possible, and the heat preservation effect is not inferior.

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