store your essentials like towel s, snacks, and beverages, while

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In order to ensure the continuous effect of sunscreen, sunscreen will wear out when we swim, sweat, use towels and touch sand. It is best to reapply sunscreen in exposed areas, and if not, there is no need to reapply it within 8 hours.

Zou Fan, an attending doctor in the sixth Department of Orthopaedics of Dongguan Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine, recalled the scene still fresh in his memory: “as soon as the patient came up, the ground was covered with blood, the injured limb was wrapped in a towel, and the blood was soaked.” Although the emergency department also made emergency treatment accordingly, put on a tourniquet, but the amount of blood loss is still relatively large. ”

When we wash our hair or when our hair needs to be wiped, try to use cotton towels so that the towels can better absorb the moisture in our hair.

store your essentials like towel s, snacks, and beverages, while

2. Because when the product is cleaned, because it is latex, it will absorb a lot of water, and the weight will increase. When taking out the water, you need to be careful not to grab a corner with one hand and lift it up. Because in this case, under the influence of gravity, once the water is too heavy, it will cause the interior to be torn apart. Therefore, it is necessary to take out the water with both hands, and after washing it clean, use a dry towel with both hands to dry. Can not be exposed to the sun, want to accelerate drying, every once in a while, squeeze the bottom with your hands, squeeze out all the excess moisture, and dry it in a ventilated and dry place.

Third, leave a proper space for the child. When we were young, we also watched TV behind our backs, used wet towels to dissipate heat, and hid in bed to read books, even affecting our eyesight. Children also need a combination of work and rest, give children a little more space, children can get better exercise and growth.

Shower room in addition to the use of ordinary toilet layout, such as dry-wet separation combination layout and independent wash table, the wash table can be isolated separately, so that the bathroom dry area does not enter water. If there are no windows above the toilet, you can install shelves and partitions here, put clothes when taking a bath, and usually put towels and paper towels.

store your essentials like towel s, snacks, and beverages, while

Moreover, a large size shopping bag offers convenience even beyond the act of shopping. Its versatility makes it an ideal companion for activities such as picnics, beach trips, or even a day at the park. You can easily store your essentials like towels, snacks, and beverages, while still having enough space for other items such as books or games. By having everything neatly packed in one bag, you can enjoy your day out without the hassle of carrying multiple smaller bags.

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