many stores of the coffee brand Pacific Coffee

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During the food festival, unique catering activities will be held, “Cantonese cuisine chef” cooking exchange will be held to feel the unique charm of Cantonese cuisine cooking skills; baking art performance competition (make-up carnival) will be held to appreciate the superb skills and gourmet culture of modern baking skills; Guangzhou Coffee Culture Festival (Haixinsha), a collection of more than 140 national coffee brands; night excursions are deeply integrated to show the vitality and fashion sense of the food festival. Various districts will also hold various forms of gourmet activities around the theme of the food festival to create a gourmet feast sweeping the city.

In Guangzhou, cross-border independent coffee shops were once popular. In July last year, Guangzhou Taiguhui opened in the newly created “one Food Circle” food area in the former big food generation area on the MU floor. The first store of Song SONGCafe brand of Michelin 1-star Sichuan Cuisine Museum Song Group occupied the C position. In addition to the cool black tone decoration, it also launched the marketing of buying coffee and sending cups, which detonated the flow of people at the opening. Some netizens said, “wait in line for at least an hour to get a place.” When the reporter visited the store on a weekday afternoon, he found that the few places in the store were almost full, but there was no need to wait in line. A woman who had come to spend many times said to the reporter, “the marketing of giving cups is fresh for the first time, but it is boring to come a few more times.” there are a lot of them at home and office, so I think the price is still a little expensive. ” The reporter saw that the cheapest coffee is American, 38 yuan, the most expensive single coffee is as high as 328 yuan, the coffee glass is a gift, and the self-brought cup can be reduced by 5 yuan.

For example, Nestl 茅 Coffee held a 1000 drone show in Guangzhou to announce that Qianxi has become the spokesman of its brand, attracting relevant fans; Bandai Nanmeng Palace uses 3D outdoor advertising to announce its zodiac products.

And travel around without the figure of a picnic. According to, ordering takeout while having a picnic in the park has become the biggest feature of May Day takeout this year, and the style of picnic varies from city to city: Shanghainese like to order coffee in the park, Kunming likes to order barbecue, and people in Harbin like to order Spicy Hot Pot.

It is understood that Tongfu Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research, design, production and sales of stainless steel utensils, plastic utensils, glassware, outdoor products and small household appliances, including stainless steel cups, thermos, stainless steel cups, plastic cups, glass cups, waterproof bags, sewing bags, electric kettles and coffee pots.

many stores of the coffee brand Pacific Coffee

“there are fewer and fewer Pacific Coffee shops around.” Recently, some Guangzhou citizens reflected to Nandu that many stores of the coffee brand Pacific Coffee in Guangzhou have been closed and cancelled. “is Pacific Coffee going to withdraw from Guangzhou?”

Hua Yan tea is a stall selling flower and fruit tea. their cold brewed tea is a sacred product for relieving summer summer. a barista with good temperament makes Ethiopian coffee for you, and you can also drink good boutique coffee for a picnic.

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