beach bag and towel set for women

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After the situational test, the son successfully bought back four things with 30 yuan: towels, toothbrushes, cookies and soap. I was a little surprised and asked him why most of them were daily necessities. He said that his mother kept telling herself that it was important to wash her face and brush her teeth, so she bought herself small towels and toothbrushes, hoping to be a clean son that his mother liked. I buy cookies because I really like them. Soap is a gift for my mother, because my mother loves to be clean too much, ! He also said that he wanted to buy hand cream for his mother, but the money was not enough, more than 30 yuan, so he had to change it to soap. I think my mother liked it, too. Unexpectedly, my son still has a good sense of life.

Do not use a hairdryer and let your hair dry naturally. Gently wipe with a towel to prevent dripping, then comb gently and dry for about 30 minutes. Wet hair absorbs hydrogen peroxide better.

The hand-washing table in the toilet grooming area is an integrated basin, which is convenient to clean the table. Storage space has been made at the bottom of the sink and behind the mirror for receiving toiletries and towels. The combination of shower and bathtub saves toilet space and meets two needs. Does not install the shelf that places bath articles in the bath area, but use metope to do niche, save space, facilitate cleaning, but also very beautiful.

beach bag and towel set for women

Toilet area storage is mainly some paper towels and female hygiene products, you can choose the right size of paper towel boxes or storage cabinets to receive. In addition, the space around the toilet is relatively spacious, you can use metope space to increase the towel rack.

1. Start dyeing your hair: loosen your hair and put a layer of cream on the edge of your hair to prevent hair dye from damaging your skin or making it difficult to wash. Remember to wear gloves and wear a shawl and towel to keep the dye from contaminating your clothes.

Indonesian police announced the conclusion of the investigation today: it was inferred that the two men had a quarrel, and finally the boy killed the girl and cut himself with a sharp weapon. According to local media reports, police found several bottles of broken beer and towels stained with blood on the bathroom and bedroom floor in the hotel room where the accident occurred. Based on the scene, the police concluded that the boy stabbed himself in the neck and other parts with a broken beer bottle.

There is no need to worry about the internal capacity, although it is a Mini bag, but mobile phones, paper towels, lipstick and other daily necessities can also be installed without a problem.

In summer, due to the hot weather, the scalp will secrete more oil, which also makes more people wash their hair frequently, which will lead to extra oil secretion from the scalp. Therefore, if the hair is not very oily, consider washing it every two days. When washing your hair, you need to pay attention to massage with the belly of your fingers and make a circle, and wash your nails less. After washing your hair, use a towel to absorb water and blow your hair at the constant temperature of the hairdryer.

beach bag and towel set for women

The causes of gray fingernails are mainly caused by different types of fungal infections. Some patients are suffering from tinea pedis, but did not do active treatment after the diagnosis, resulting in gray nail infection. For some factors such as using public towels, wearing public slippers and traumatic nails in public places, they can also lead to infection of gray nails. Gray fingernail may also be related to genetic factors, autoimmune diseases and other factors.

Many girls have the habit of washing their faces with towels hung in the bathroom for a long time. Do not know, hanging in the bathroom for a long time wet towels are conducive to the growth of a variety of microbes, with wet towels to wash the face is tantamount to the face, smearing all kinds of bacteria. Should directly use disposable facial towels, fast and sanitary, or directly with the hand gently pat dry, more hydrating and elastic.

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